Microblading has the effect of recreating hair on the brow line. At the first session, the technician makes little strokes to implant the pigment just under the surface of the skin with a hand-held tool containing fine, tiny needles. The result is natural and flawless on the brow line.

 the client needs to come back after 4-7 weeks for the touch-up. This is the session we will fix the small imperfection from the first session.

The result last between 6 months - 2 years. To maintain the result of mocroblading I recommend to refresh it every year. 

Free Consultation

Duration  |  150 min

Cost         |  $450 – First Session

Follow-up Session (4 weeks after Initial Session)    – $150

Annual Refresh       – $225

Soft Shading
It is the most wanted trend performed with hand tool today. It helps to achieve the most natural effect by filling in the gaps and achieving a soft make up effect behind the strokes.Based on client desires, we will use different methods in order to achieve a soft effect.
This method is mainly used for those who have Alopecia or gone through chemotherapy.

Duration: 90 min

Pricing: $150

Old Tattoo Correction
In this situation either we cover up the old tattoo using the Shading method or we use the removal technique (which requires at least three sessions).

Each session: 90 min for $150