“Mor did an excellent job of---

“Mor did an excellent job of microblading my brows five months ago and they still look great! My brows are fuller, darker and now have a beautiful arch.  The microblading looks like real hair! I’m 57 years old and my brows had gotten thin and sparse.  Also, I have a narrow face and my new stronger brows widen my face and make me look years younger. “

Michele M

Despite my initial reservations...

Despite my initial reservations --- more...

Despite my initial reservations about going through the process of Microblading, I’m very glad I did! My eyebrows look very natural and open up the look of my eyes.  And they are a real time saver to my morning routine!!!

Joy R

I love my eyebrows! It has...

I love my eyebrows! It has completely changed my makeup routine for the better. Saves me at least 10 minutes a day and my eyebrows look SO much better than when I had to draw them on myself. Love, Love, Love them!

Kathrine H

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